Marietta Harris

Author & Motavational Speaker

Book Signing at the S.F. Bay Area Book Festival, Berkeley CA (June 2015)

Bottom row:

The high school marching band who opened this wonderful festival, me at my table, Author Annalisa Nicole

Pictures ftom the Great Valley Bookfest held in Manteca CA held on October 10, 2015

​​​​​​(Top row: Poster signed by the authors, my new friend author Yvetta Franklin of a children's book called "The Code Switch." and Author Bubba Paris of the S.F. 49ers.

Book Signing at Barnes & Noble in Las Vegas, NV 

(Aug 2015)

​​​​​      Marietta​ Harris​
Author & Motivational Speaker

Book Signing in Lathrop CA.

(July 2013)

My new friend Author Crystal Perkins who coordinated the book signing at B&N, Las Vegas